CMP 116 Web Developer I

Instructor: Tom Duffy
Phone: 857-6892
Office Hours: M/W/R 12:30 - 1:30
Location: 207 E
Section 1:
M/W/R 9:00 - 12:05

Platinum Edition: Using XHTML 4, XML, and Java 2
Eric Ladd and Jim O'Donnell, et al.
Que Publishing, 1999
ISBN: 0-7897-1759-X

Course Description

This course provides the entry into the fast-moving web site development industry. With its heavy hands-on mode of delivery, students will start off learning HTML, the language of the Internet. In the process, students will work with various HTML editors and web page development software packages. The course is rounded out by a thorough coverage of ISP's and domain name registry, publishing requirements and issues in web site maintenance. Three hours of class work, two hours of laboratory.


Web based information is the fastest moving segment of our society.  Increasingly, many different facets of society are web-enabling critical aspects of their existence.  In order to meet the demands of this web-centric approach, students must gain the skills necessary to create the web sites that are driving society.


Upon completion of Web Developer I, the student will:


Your grade will be determined according to the following criteria:





Week 1 

Successful Design
Goals, Audience, Storyboard

Read Ch 1,2

Secure Webspace
Supply URL
Upgrade Browser

Week 2 

Basic Pages & Elements

Read Ch 3

Design Home Page

Week 3 

Advanced Hyperlinks


3 Page Home Site Project Due

Week 4

Advanced Graphics

Read Ch 5

5 Page Home Site Due

Week 5

Cascading Style Sheets Intro

Read Ch 9

Apply Styles to your site

Week 6

Advanced Cascading Style Sheets


Position Elements on your site with CSS

Week 7


Read Ch 6

Create a Web Portal

Week 8


Read Ch 7

Frame Your Portal

Week 9


Read Ch 10

Get Feedback from your Users

Week 10

Introductory JavaScript

 Read Ch 18, 19, 20

Put a Remote Control on your site

Week 11

JavaScript Arrays

Read Ch 21

Script your Feedback form

Week 12

JavaScript Image Control

Read Ch 23

Add Dynamic Images to your site

Week 13

Controlling Frames with JavaScript

Read Ch 20

Swap Multiple Frames

Week 14

Working with Microsoft FrontPage 2000


Final Project

Week 15

Final Exam


Final Project Due