Programming With Mobile Applications:
Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7

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Android SDK Available

One of the chief reasons for using MOTODEV Studio to develop Android apps was its simple install routine. In short, you could download a single install package, run the installer for your OS, and the result would be a fully working Eclipse IDE with all of the Android tools installed and available. In contrast, at the time of the book's writing, installing the Android Development Tools (ADT) into Eclipse was not trivial. Since MOTODEV Studio included the ADT, using it made perfect sense.

Well, things have come full circle. Google has purchased Motorola Mobility and open-sourced MOTODEV Studio. The result is a set of plug-ins for Eclipse that include all of the functionality of MOTODEV Studio. These plug-ins need to be built and then installed into a working Eclipse environment. This has become non-trivial! The good news is that Google is now offering a single install package for Android development. You can now download a fully-configured Eclipse-ADT IDE and start working on your apps right away. Download the Android SDK here:

After you install the Android SDK, you can follow the process here to install the MOTODEV Core Plug-ins:

Be warned - installing the MOTODEV Core Plug-ins is a 20-step process that includes downloading and building the plug-ins using GIT. Frankly, you don't need to install the Core Plug-ins to complete the projects and exercises in the book. You can simply use the Android SDK. To get up and running, you'll need to follow the instructions on the Installing Eclipse and ADT page beginning with Step 5.