Web Developer


Week 1 Assignments - Due Sunday, January 30, 2005, 11:59 PM

1. Respond to the Introduce Yourself discussion thread.

2. Secure A URL.
You'll need space online to post your work.  There are many free web host providers.  I recommend signing up for the Educational Account at Brinkster.com.  It's free, has an easy to use File Manager, and doesn't include any advertising on your pages.  You are free to use any web host provider you'd like.  Many ISPs include web space in their connection fees.  Check with your ISP to see if you've got space.

3. E-Mail me the the URL to your web space.
Your URL will be the mechanism by which I'll grade your work.  If I can't find your work, I'll assume you didn't do it.

4. Set Up your development environment
Decide which text editor you'll use and install it if necessary.  Upgrade and/or install at least one newer browser on your machine (See Home Page for links).

5. Read the following lessons on the Instruction page:
Designing a Web Site
Designing Web Pages