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This site serves as a launching point to the Web Developer classes offered at Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT.  Access various tools of the web site by clicking on the links of the main tool bar located at the top of the page.  If you have any questions regarding the use of the web site, do not hesitate to contact me.


1. A Text Editor
I recommend a "barebones" text editor.  In my experience, dedicated HTML editors like FrontPage and Dreamweaver tend to interfere with the learning experience.  Much of the time, the features of dedicated editors will be a hindrance to your Web Development.  I've created an editor that I use in class called JXEd.  It's really intended as an XML editor but works beautifully for HTML as well.  You can download it here: Get JXEd.  It's available for multiple platforms and is free.  Certainly, you are free to use any editor you'd like.

2. Recent Browsers
You'll need at least one recent browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7, or Mozilla 1.7. You might also consider downloading Opera, yet another browser.  I recommend installing IE 6 and Mozilla 1.4.  Why so many browsers?  As you'll soon see, one of the many things web developers can't control is how our pages are accessed.  Testing in as many environments as possible makes your pages available to as many users as possible.  FYI, I test with IE 6, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, and Opera 7.

3. An Internet Connection
One of the things I'm going to assume is that you can access the Internet.  By that I mean that you can view web pages through a browser.  You'll also need to be able to make use of the browser's functionality to upload and download files.

4. Textbooks
New Perspectives on Creating Web Pages with HTML and Dynamic HTML, 2nd Edition
Patrick Carey
ISBN: 0-619-18719-0 2003
Access the Textbook Home Page Here

That's it!  I hope you enjoy your Web Development journey!

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